Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chunk 37 Outline

Next step to apply abstraction and functional approach to drawing lines with special properties.

Characteristics of line: start, end points and path between. Anything can happen along line as random or other factors are applied to it.

Underlying path across a grid of pixels and problems drawing it: Bresenham's algorithm.

Abstracting error-value checking to a closure - simple implementation, optimization.

Writing a function to draw a line between any two points, any width with a colour gradient along its length: needs end points of lines normal to conceptual underlying line.

Writing another closure to return maximum-width end-points of lines at points along underlying length. Problem: filling in missing pixels between adjacent lines due to jagged profile when they offset along underlying line.

Program draws colour gradient lines.

Applying similar closure approach to diverse grids: circular and random spaced grid using array.

PROGRAM 3D grid and thistle-down blob drawn with colour grad lines, moves along its length.

Mostly code: say 48 hours work, 2 weeks max. Time to post code on blogger????

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