Saturday, 14 March 2009

Changing Column Widths

Don't intend to access this blog from my mobile or would probably have signed up to Twitter so decided to change the column widths to something more reasonable. Clicked on 'Customise' (My dictionary spells it Customize but what can you expect) Edit HTML. Copy the code for Minima, change some numbers, copy it back, click on Preview and . . . Perfect! Just what I wanted! Nearly fell off chair, but then: View Blog: nothing, nix, nil, a blank page.

Go back do it again, scratch head, get a cup of tea. Some time later . . . eventually get an error page: 'This blog does not have any posts. Please add at least one post in order to preview.' Well, they asked for one so here it is. Will it work now? Wouldn't put any money on it!

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